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Hi everyone! In this post, we will talk about FM WhatsApp and provide you with information on its latest version, how to install it, and what features it has. As you may know, WhatsApp is a popular app that helps you communicate with friends and family. So, let's explore more about FM WhatsApp 2023 APK Download. Keep reading to learn more!

Unlike Facebook, there are no fake accounts on WhatsApp as it works directly with your phone number. You don't need to send friend requests and wait for them to be accepted. Once you create your account with your phone number, you will be connected with all your friends and family members whose contacts are saved on your device. However, people are still searching for other apps like FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Latest Version. In this post, we will explain why this is the case.

What is FM WhatsApp Update?

FM WhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp, just like GBWhatsApp APK Download. Although WhatsApp is popular worldwide for its amazing features, easy-to-use interface, and end-to-end encryption that protects your privacy, it has some limitations and lacks certain features. For example, you cannot restrict who can call you. However, FM WhatsApp eliminates these limitations with its features.

FM WhatsApp has many additional features such as custom privacy settings for contacts, groups, and broadcasts. It allows you to hide your online status, freeze your last seen status, hide message seen status, use auto-reply functionality, schedule messages, Download statuses, and choose from over 4000 themes. You can fully customize the interface and use both the official WhatsApp app and FM WhatsApp on the same device. It also allows you to use two accounts on the same device.

Details of FM WhatsApp

NameFM WhatsApp
APK Size57 MB
Get it OnOfficial Website
OS RequiredAndroid
CategoryWhatsApp Messenger
Last Updated2 hours ago

Download FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version

You are just a single click away from enjoying all its features. Just tap on the “FM WhatsApp Update” button shown below to download it.

Features of FM WhatsApp Update

FM WhatsApp has many features that are not available in the original version of WhatsApp. However, it is important to note that all features of WhatsApp are also available in FM WhatsApp. Here are some of the additional features available in FM WhatsApp:

  • Message unsaved numbers
  • Auto-reply
  • Message scheduler
  • Broadcast to up to 1024 contacts
  • Open "view once" images and videos unlimited times
  • Forward messages without forwarded status
  • Hide contact name
  • Contact toast
  • Freeze last seen
  • Incoming call settings
  • Hide status view info
  • Anti-delete status and messages
  • Show blue ticks after reply
  • Lock WhatsApp and chats
  • Hide chats
  • Custom privacy settings for contacts, groups, and broadcasts
  • Hide blue ticks, second ticks, typing status, blue microphone, recording
  • Voice changer
  • 4000+ themes
  • 6 emoji variants
  • 60+ font styles
  • Customize launcher and notification icons
  • Hide media files from gallery
  • Share images in full resolution
  • Share unlimited images at once
  • Always online
  • Increase forward limit to 250 chats
  • Customize home and conversation screen
  • Airplane mode
  • Separate tabs for contact chats and groups
  • Download statuses

Features Explanation of FM WhatsApp APK

Hello and welcome! You're here to learn about some cool features, right? Great! We'll explain them to you in the following sections. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and we'll do our best to help you.

Here are the features:

Broadcast to up to 1024 contacts:

  • Instead of only being able to send a message to 256 people at a time, you can select up to 1024 contacts all at once, which saves time.

Hide online status/freeze last seen:

  • You can appear offline to others while still being online by freezing your "last seen" time. This is useful if you don't want others to know when you're online.

Always online:

  • You can choose to appear online all the time, even when you're not using WhatsApp. This is helpful if you want to play games or watch movies without being disturbed.

60+ font styles:

  • You can choose from over 60 different font styles to use in your messages, including some from popular movies and TV shows.
  • Hide contact names: You can hide the names of your contacts in the chats to keep them private.

Contact toast:

  • You can get a notification when a specific contact comes online, even if you're using other apps.

Custom privacy settings:

  • You can customize your privacy settings to hide your online status, read receipts, and more from specific contacts or groups.

Blue ticks after your reply:

  • You can choose to show blue ticks to your friends after you reply to their messages.
  • Thousands of themes: You can choose from over 4000 different themes to customize the appearance of your WhatsApp.

The official version of WhatsApp does not provide any settings for incoming calls, except for notification tones. FM WhatsApp, however, has added settings to restrict unwanted calls. With FM WhatsApp, you can choose who can call you: everyone, your contacts, your contacts except for specific individuals, only selected contacts, or no one at all.

To see who is online, you no longer have to enter the chats. FM WhatsApp displays a green dot on the home screen beside the chats of those who are online. You can also enable the last seen status along with online dots. These settings can be found under FMMods >> Home Screen >> Rows.

FM WhatsApp offers a voice changer feature that allows you to have fun with your friends. You can choose from a variety of voice options, including robots, babies, teenagers, deep, fast, underwater, slow motion, and reverse voices. When recording and sending an audio message, it will be converted into the selected voice.

In the official WhatsApp app, if someone sends you a message and then deletes it, you will only see "This message was deleted" in the chat. If someone uploads a status and then deletes it, you won't even know about the status upload. However, with FMWhatsApp APK, those messages and statuses will not be deleted from your chats and status screen. This is one of the most useful features of this mod.

With FM WhatsApp, you can disable the limit on the number of images you can share at once. Instead of being limited to sharing only 30 images at a time, you can select and share as many images as you want at once.

FM WhatsApp allows you to install it alongside the official version of WhatsApp, so you can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device without having to uninstall the official version.

One of the unique features of FM WhatsApp is the ability to download statuses. To download someone's status, simply open their status and tap the download button shown at the bottom right corner. The downloaded status will be saved in Internal Storage >> FM WhatsApp >> Media >> FMWhatsApp Statuses folder. You can also copy their caption.

FM WhatsApp also offers a message scheduler that lets you schedule messages to be sent automatically to selected contacts at a specified date and time. You can schedule as many messages as you want without any limit.

To protect your chats, FM WhatsApp allows you to set up a password, fingerprint, or PIN. You can also hide chats, which will not appear in search results or contact lists. Whenever you try to open the hidden list, FM WhatsApp will ask you to enter the password.

The latest version of FM WhatsApp APK is 9.64.

Installation Guide

If you're unsure about how to install FM WhatsApp APK on your device, don't worry. We've outlined all the necessary steps below:

  • Download FM WhatsApp APK from the download button provided in this post.
  • Once the download is complete, open the APK using one of the following methods:
  • Open the Download tab on your browser and tap on the APK file.
  • Open the Notification Panel and tap on the "Download Completed" notification.
  • Go to your File Manager, locate the Download folder (or the folder where the APK was saved), and tap on the APK file.
  • If this is your first time installing an APK from outside the Play Store, you'll see a permission prompt asking you to enable "Install Apps from Unknown Sources". To enable this option, go to "Settings >> Security" and turn it on. Then, go back to the app and open the APK again.
  • The installation window will appear. Tap on the "Install" button.
  • Wait for the APK to finish installing.
  • After the installation is complete, open the app, create your account, and start enjoying its features.

  • Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

Q : Do I need to root my device to install FM WhatsApp 2023 APK?

  • No. It's a root-free APK. You can install it just like any other APK without rooting your device.

Q : Can I share images in full resolution?

  • Yes. You can set image sharing to full resolution in the settings, which will prevent the app from compressing images before sending them.

Q : Which features are risky to use?

  • Increasing the default forward limit from 5 contacts to 250 chats is a risky feature to use, as it may increase your chances of getting banned. Use it at your own risk.

Q : What is airplane mode?

  • Airplane mode disables the functionality of sending and receiving messages, essentially putting you offline. This allows you to go offline from WhatsApp without turning off your internet connection.

In conclusion, FM WhatsApp APK Download is the best WhatsApp MOD available, offering additional privacy, security, and customization features.

You can use it alongside the official app with a different number, and it's completely safe to install. Its stability makes it better than other MODs, and it offers a range of useful features such as hiding your online status, scheduling messages, and sharing images in full quality.

Download the latest version today to start enjoying all of its features, and be sure to check back for future updates.

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